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Wrenman Homes

Brand Strategy & Digital

Entering the competitive housing market as a new developer can be a daunting challenge. With years of commercial build experience, the team at Wrenman Homes challenged us to create a new residential developer brand that offered a point of difference in the local market.

Over an 18-month period we worked to analyse the market, select a market position and naming strategy, design the brand identity and surrounding assets, and develop a user centric website.

Wrenman homes logo 1
Wrenman homes colour 1
Wrenman homes logo 2

Positioned in the premium segment of the market, Wrenman Homes offers exceptional quality and properties built with a local supply chain.

Dark grey tones and rich copper textures were selected to promote quality and differentiate the brand from competitors who often use clich├ęd narratives and primary brand colours.

Attention to detail was important throughout the customer journey, beginning with an impressive marketing suite complete with interactive touch screen display and VR headset to explore future phases of the development.

Wrenman homes flag 3
Wrenman homes print 9
Wrenman homes print 5
Wrenman homes print 6

The website was central to marketing, acting as a hub for property listings, phase announcements and capturing data of potential buyers.

The design promoted lifestyle and property imagery set amongst functionality found in popular property portals to create an easy, familiar experience for end users.

Wrenman homes website 1
Wrenman homes website 2
Wrenman homes website 3
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