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The Chamber

Brand Strategy & Digital

The Chamber North Lancashire provides business support and representation to 500 members in North Lancashire. The organisation dates back to the 18th century and helps businesses with local, regional or national issues.

With changes to business and technology, the Chamber needed to rethink its identity and messaging to stay relevant in a competitive environment.

Our work to develop a new identity and website for the organisation formed part of wider strategic changes, with a new name to represent an expanding area, and changes to membership models to increase revenue.

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The Chamber’s strong connection with members was evident during the research stage. SMEs and large businesses alike were favourable to services and support on offer. There was however a common misconception that the Chamber was a public sector organisation and non-members were more likely to perceive the Chamber as old-fashioned.

We developed a new identity to bring together the traditional values with a striking bold positive identity. Members were placed at the centre of brand messaging to promote success stories and the importance of their input to the Chamber.

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Focusing on simplicity, we designed and built a website that is clear, easy to use and has an effective visual communication with the user. Information architecture was key for an organisation that provides a range of services to over 500 members.

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