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Blackpool Football Club

Self-Commissioned Project

What if Blackpool Football Club reimagined their crest to define a new era?

We love to explore brands and challenge their potential to create opportunities. During some downtime, we began a self-commissioned project to look at sport and identify a football club that has the potential to reinvent itself.

A few months earlier, in 2019, Blackpool Football Club gained a new owner after a turbulent period of ownership. The club entered a new era as Seasiders fan - Blackpool-born, Hong Kong-based financier Simon Sadler - had bought a 96.2% controlling interest in the club.

We set about exploring ideas to restore the glory days of the club.

Updating a brand with over 130 years history isn’t a decision to take lightly. Seasiders are rightly protective of their club, remaining loyal throughout the highs and lows. But with new ownership would come new opportunities, and a chance for Blackpool FC to fulfil its potential and rise once again as a top tier club.

Our vision was simple — update the Blackpool FC crest to reflect the bold positive future and give the fans a crest to be proud of.

It’s not all new though. Our crest design takes elements from the previous identities and combined them to form a badge worthy of an international team.

The unmistakable tangerine and iconic Blackpool Tower formed the foundation of the badge, accompanied by a rising seagull, flowing waves and a single star to nod to the high of Blackpool’s FA Cup win in 1953.

The mix of heritage and commercial viability is an important balance to achieve. The crest is designed with scalability in mind, enabling it to be displayed successfully across all digital and TV platforms and recalled by fans.

BFC mobile screens
BFC tv graphic
BFC mobile screen

The visual language of the identity extends to a custom numerical typeface, formed from the abstract wave. The striking numbers are used on the back of the football shirt and throughout literature.

Blackpool football club typography 1
Blackpool football club typography 2
Blackpool football club typography 3
Blackpool football club typography 7
Blackpool football club typography 6

To gain the attention of Simon and the club’s directors, we produced three concept shirts and packaged them in presentation boxes. This was accompanied by a printed magazine illustrating the history of the club and the design process to achieve the final crest design.

The boxes were sent to the UK and Hong Kong, and whilst didn’t convince Blackpool FC to launch our concept, the directors arranged a meeting with us to discuss options and talk about the future vision for the club. We watch Blackpool FC's progress with interest.

Blackpool football club process 3
Blackpool football club process 2
Blackpool football club shirt 4
BFC stadium
Blackpool football club shirt 2